About this website

You are currently looking a the website of Study Association Proto, released in the summer of 2016. For as far as you're interested, it is mostly custom-built on the Laravel framework. It is the successor of the horrible WordPress website we've been rocking since the association was founded in 2011.

The website is open source and actively maintained by a dedicated committee of the association: the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee. You will find the current members of this committee on your right. Below this piece of prose you will also find a list of the developers who have been contributing to the association's ICT in the past.

Responsible disclosure

If you find any security flaw on our website, please e-mail the developers immediately. We will make sure the security hole gets fixed as soon as possible.

Questions and feedback

If you have questions and/or feedback regarding this website, you are very most welcome to submit it.

If you have a problem with the content of the website, please contact the board of the association. They generally decide what gets published and are able to make general changes to user accounts, committees, activities and other association-related content.

For issues related to the website itself, you can get into contact with the developers. We are active on GitHub where we contribute code to the website and resolve issues. If you have any technical issue, bug report or feature request, we encourage you to open an issue on GitHub. This way you'll be kept in the loop on your particular thing.

If you feel the desire to contribute to the website directly, do not hestitate to fork our repository and make a pull request with your changes. We welcome all input and be happy to help you get your idea integrated in the website! Alternatively, you can always send an e-mail directly, though for issues we will usually redirect you to GitHub anyway.